The key socio-economic benefits to the region flowing from the development of the Yzermyn underground coal mining  project’s social and labour plan include:

  • stimulation of the local economy;
  • local infrastructure development;
  • employment opportunities in the form of direct job creation for more than 500  people
    (production estimate: 2.2MTPA);
  • community development programmes, developed in consultation with local communities and featuring education health, housing, sports, and culture;
  • upgrading of skills and literacy levels: programmes in collaboration with tertiary education institutions;
  • agricultural benefits;
  • tourism; and
  • lifestyle changes due to increased disposable income.


The total workforce (permanent and contract workers) is expected to be more than 500  people at full ramp-up. For every person directly employed, another 10 people are expected to benefit indirectly as families, service-providers and members of local communities.

AAV is committed to promote and ensure equity in the workplace, in compliance with the Broad-based Socio-economic Empowerment Charter for the South African Mining and Minerals Industry (Mining Charter).