Sustainability and Corporate Governance


It is the mission of Atha Group to conserve, improve and protect natural resources and the environment. Recognizing the environmental challenges of the 21st Century, the Group has undertaken a comprehensive strategic and operational planning effort to direct and integrate its resources in the most efficient and effective manner possible. The Group takes all its operational decisions with the objectives to control air, land and water pollution, enhancing the quality of life of present and future generations.

The Atha Group’s Responsibility to the Environment encompasses various aspects like resource use, GHG emissions, water and waste management, wildlife and biodiversity conservation, environmental management and renewable energy production. The Group is extremely invested in understanding and improving its environmental footprint. Given the fact that the Group is working in the mining and steel and power sector, it has decided to measure the environmental impacts in terms of GHG emissions, water consumption and material consumption.

The Group’s sustainability reporting endeavour is not limited to the environment domain but also includes its focus on the triple-bottom line approach to ensure inclusive growth for the Group and society at large. It strives to care for the people who work and live in our areas of operation and engage with them routinely in the most effective way possible. For ensuring an inclusive growth of the community around our renewable operations, The Group engages local community people in the semiskilled and unskilled roles and focuses on their skill development.

The same approach is adopted in our Mining operations. We believe that engaging local people in different roles would help in developing a sense of responsibility and sense of belonging within them, which would help us in carrying out uninterrupted operations at our business locations. We are also engaging with the community through diverse welfare activities like women empowerment, providing medical and healthcare facilities, providing educational facilities, arranging trainings and awareness development programs on various topics and agendas. We have recently engaged a Sustainability officer at our Mines in Barbil; our CSR team lead by him is ensuring that we engage with the local community in the ideal way and are able to address their needs in an effective manner.

Our Company’s philosophy of Corporate Governance is a reflection of our ethical behaviour, policies and commitment to core values. Strict adherence to the principles of fairness, transparency, professionalism, accountability and propriety in total functioning of the Company, are pre-requisites for attaining sustainable growth in this competitive corporate world. Our Company aims to align its interests with the interests of stake holders and is focused on generating long term shareholder’s wealth and confidence.

Our Company is always committed to good Corporate Governance and application of best management practices for safeguarding the interest of all stakeholders. The principles of transparency and integrity are reflected in our activities. Our company seeks to focus on regulatory compliances, complying with all the provisions of listing agreement and applicable Corporate Governance Norms with all the modifications within the prescribed time, thereby giving stress on essential pre-requisites of corporate governance.