Power and Steel

Atha Group operates a Sponge Iron & Steel manufacturing facility through Narbheram Power And Steel Private Limited. The company was earlier named Scaw Industries Private Limited and it was taken over by Atha Group on July 2007. The Company was renamed in 2009 as Narbheram Power and Steel Private Limited.

Key Strategic Advantages of NPSPL

The plant is located on 200 acres of land adjacent to National Highway (NH-55) in Dhenkanal town. It is ideally located in view of availability of raw materials, infrastructure and finished product evacuation by road & rail. The group owns 2.2 MTPA iron ore mine under its partnership firm M/s Narbheram Vishram and is located about 150 Km away from the plant site.

The company has already obtained environment clearance for its proposed expansion capacity. NPSPL has one of the best management teams to execute its proposed expansion plans as envisaged by the group.

This expansion is targeted to increase the sponge iron capacity from 1,00,000 tonnes per annum to 2,50,000 tonnes per annum. SMS capacity will be increased from 44,000 tonnes per annum to 1,44,000 tonnes per annum.

The biggest value addition will happen through expansion of power generation capacity from 8 MW to 48 MW. ATHA Group is focused on making NPSPL a power and steel giant and will be the flagship platform for the ATHA Group's strengthening position into the energy sector. The group's vision to become a formidable player in the energy sector will be taken ahead by NPSPL.

The company is ISO 9001:2008 as well as ISO 14001:2004 accredited and lays strong emphasis on creating quality infrastructure and pays close attention to the enhancement of safety, health and environment protection.

The company is planning to establish 4 MTPA Iron Ore Pelletisation plant within the vacant land in Dhenkanal with an investment of `625 crores which has been approved by Government of Odisha on 28.09.2018. The pelletisation plant will get iron ore fines, feed through the proposed iron ore slurry pipelines from the beneficiation plant at Koida sector of Sundargarh District in Odisha. The beneficiation plant will have a capacity of 4 MTPA and slurry pipe line with matching capacity that will connect both Beneficiation and Pelletisation process by traversing 198 kilometre with smooth gradient within the Government approved ROW (Right of Way) /ROU (Right of Use). About 150 acres of industrial land for beneficiation plant and 151 acres ROW/ROU land for slurry pipe line have been already allocated by the Government of Odisha with a proposed investment of `850 crores.

East Coast Railway has also given an approval for establishment of private railway siding adjacent to the Steel Complex in Dhenkanal. The siding is located on the main railway line connecting Paradeep to Jharsuguda. The pelletisation plant and railway siding will be connected through an overhead product conveyor of 1.2 kilometre for mechanised evacuation of pellets, which is a part of the proposed Mechanical Evacuation System.