Our Commitment



Conscious of our commitments towards the environment.

Our Responsibility to the Environment encompasses various aspects like resource use, GHG emissions, water and waste management, wildlife and biodiversity conservation, environmental management and renewable energy production. Our various group companies have initiated different plans accordingly.

We at the Atha Group are extremely invested in understanding and improving our environmental performance. Given the fact that we work in the mining and steel and power sector, we have decided to measure our environmental impacts in terms of our GHG emissions, water consumption and material consumption. We have also invested heavily in the renewable energy sector and have wind power projects in five Indian states (Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu). We are also in the process of setting up solar power project in Rajasthan. As a company we have set ourselves the ambitious target of generating 500 MW of renewable energy by 2017.



Harnessing renewable energy

Sustainability makes sense environmentally, socially and in our business. By ‘doing the right thing’ we can help protect and nurture the valuable resources on which we all depend, making our business more efficient and effective, whilst also recognising the opportunity to meet the growing demand for sustainable products and services. Recently the Group has put immense focus on capacity addition in renewables; majorly through acquisition of existing assts.

Our presence in the domain of Mining business helps us to effectively understand that resource optimizations is one of the most significant aspects of any business; therefore harnessing renewable energy is one of the best possible way to ensure responsible usage of resources and we are very much into the same

The Group forayed into generation of Wind Power Energy through the total installed capacity of 54.2 MW. The Group also has investments Solar Energy with a total installed capacity of 10 MW.