Our sustainability reporting endeavour is not limited to the environment domain but also includes our focus on the triple-bottom line approach to ensure inclusive growth for the Group and society at large. We strive to care of the people who work and live in our areas of operation and engage with them routinely in the most effective way possible. For ensuring an inclusive growth of the community around our renewable operations, we try to engage local community people in the semiskilled and unskilled roles and focus on their skill development. The same approach is adopted in our Mining operations also. We believe that engaging local people in different roles would help in developing a sense of responsibility and sense of belonging within them, which would help us in carrying out uninterrupted operations at our business locations.

We are also engaging with the community through diverse welfare activities like women empowerment, providing medical and healthcare facilities, providing educational facilities, arranging trainings and awareness development programs on various topics and agendas. We have recently engaged a Sustainability officer at our Mines in Barbil; our CSR team lead by him is ensuring that we engage with the local community in the ideal way and are able to address their needs in an effective manner.

Our approach to CSR is a six-pronged approach whereby we invest in six key domains- Education, Health and Sanitation, Infrastructure development, Livelihood promotion, Environment and Community Development. This investment is designed to build capacities so as to empower local communities. These initiatives are not mere charity as it is not our intention to make the local people dependent on us, but rather to allow them the financial and technical independence to meet their own needs. Our CSR work is carried out through our philanthropic initiative the Atha Foundation.