Board of Directors

Mr. Kishore Kumar Atha is the driving force behind the Group. With over four decades of experience in the iron ore mining industry, he has been pivotal in taking the family iron ore business to the heights it has now scaled up to.

With over 35 years experience and a Chartered Accountant by qualification, he has been instrumental in governing the financial management and reporting practices of the various Group companies.

A B.Com, LLB and FCS by qualification, he is the Group President (Corporate Affairs) and has over 35 years working experience. He plays an important role in overseeing and advising the Group on compliance, administrative, financial and strategic matters.

A Chartered Financial Analyst by qualification and an entrepreneur with a definite vision, he brings over 10 years industry experience to the Group. He has been responsible for designing deliberate objectives and framework for strategic decision making for the Groups businesses in areas of finance & banking, strategic partnerships, growth initiatives and acquisition decisions. He is also responsible for leading unified executive teams across continents for the Group’s international projects and businesses.

A Chartered Financial Analyst by qualification, he plays a major role in the Group’s export and logistics operations, streamlining the renewable energy portfolio and generating cost economies through effective resource planning and project management. With over 10 year’s experience, he provides executive leadership and governance on various project development activities across the Group’s businesses.

The youngest Director of the Group, with over 8 years experience, he plays a dominant role in the running and expansion of the mining business including all related statutory, compliance and regulatory matters. He is responsible for executive decision making to effectively manage the mining operations, resource planning and optimization and technology management. He has played a major role in leading scale efficiencies in cost and quality as well as ensuring total integration in operations across the mining value chain.

Amit Gupta

Appointed as Executive Director of the Group Company Narbheram Power and Steel. Mr. Gupta brings strength to the group with his leadership qualities & vast experience in managing steel, power and cement companies. A seasoned professional in Steel & Power Industry, he is responsible for the overall business development.

DR Dogra

Mr. DR Dogra is the Additional Director in AMPL Cleantech. He is the Managing Director & CEO of CARE Ratings for the last 8 years, with the company since inception in 1993 and has almost forty years of experience in the financial sector mainly in the areas of banking and credit rating. He is an expert in financial product conceptualization and development, devising methodologies, marketing and rating of debt instruments across all sectors including manufacturing, infrastructure, finance and SMEs amongst others. He has a Master’s degree in business administration (Finance) from Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi and is a certified associate of Indian Institute of Bankers.

Brijesh Gupta

As the CEO for the Renewable Energy Business he is responsible for the REB as a profit centre and for the growth and development of the business across all formats of the Platform. Mr. Gupta is an Engineer with over 25 years of work experience, and has a commendable work experience in managing and executing projects. He has rich experience in managing all aspects of the Commercial function. He is also known for his exceptional team building skill and his ability to carry people forward with him.