About Us


Company Profile

Since its inception as a mining company over six decades ago, Atha Group has grown into becoming one of the most consistent and prominent players in the list of companies that understand the importance of diversification and expansion.

The company’s performance over the last decade bears a testimony to that. Given below is the list of industries the ATHA Group currently operates in.

  1. Iron Ore Mining.
  2. Coal Mining.
  3. Manufacture of Sponge Iron & Billets and Captive Power Plant.
  4. Generation of renewable energy through Wind Mills.
  5. Generation of renewable energy through Solar Power Plant.
  6. Manufacture of Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC).
  7. Import of Coal/Coke & Export of Iron Ore/Iron Ore fines.

With its vast experience and through knowledge of every operative nuance of the various industries, the ATHA Group has not only managed to carve a niche for itself, but has also emerged as a brand name that is synonymous with quality in the Asian commodity market. The company is now making ambitious forays into Africa, Australia and Latin America.

The ATHA Group is managed by a leadership that is young, focused and is driven by the ambition to deliver the very best. The management team comprises of a mixed pool of individuals with incredible talent and unmatched skills from the various fields of the game, such as finance & strategy, geology, International Business and Human Resources.

With its investments into diversified areas of Mining, Mineral Exploration and Renewable Energy development, the Group aims to make itself stand out as a stable corporate house with a strong presence in the global market. Apart from reliable cash flows, the Group endeavours to be a cost and quality front runner by achieving total integration in its operations across the mining and energy value chain.


What the Company Stands for

The Group has adopted a growth driven business model through prudential decision making with a balanced outlook towards undertaking risks.

The Group being one of the oldest mining houses in the country aims to effectively manage the environmental and social impacts of its operations. The Group views sustainability reporting as a process that not only benefits the environment but also helps raise the standard of the internal management system.

The Group is committed towards upholding the highest standards of ethics and integrity through adoption of responsible and compliant business practices and in turn, emerge as an ideal corporate citizen.