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Mild Steel Billet refers to a cast semi finished product. A billet is typically cast to a rectangular, hexagonal or round cross section compatible with secondary processing, e.g. forging. It can be produced either as coil or cut lengths. Molten steel is cast into large blocks called "blooms". During the casting process various methods are used, such as addition of aluminum, so that impurities in the steel float to the surface where they can be cut off the finished bloom. These are all tested through spectrometer and free of surface defects and cracks. Narbheram Power and Steel Private Limited manufacture M S Billet through Induction Furnace with continuous casting route.

  • Number of Furnaces 2
  • Number of Crucible 4
  • Size of M S Billet 100 x 100 mm

Chemistry of Billets

  • Carbon - 0.12-0.23%
  • Manganese - 0.50-0.60%
  • Silico - 0.15-0.20%
  • Phosphorous - 0.055%
  • Sulphur - 0.055%

  The following are the Special features of Narbheram Power and Steel Private Limited Billets:
Excellent Surface Finish: The Billets produced by us are free from any surface crack or lamination. Magnetic particle test in order to identify any crack on the surface is done on a regular basis as per its Quality Management Plan.

Dimensional Tolerance: Billets at Narbheram Power & Steel Pvt. Ltd. are produced strictly in accordance to IS 2830 for dimensional tolerance.

No Internal Defects: The Billets produced are free from any internal defects. Defects such as piping blowholes and pinholes are identified and segregated by our Quality Control Dept.
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